Recently, Standish Foundation for Children (SF4C) hosted our first fellowship session of 2023 with Kythe Foundation in the Philippines. This online gathering was extra special as healthcare professionals from four different continents joined in to learn and grow together. The subject matter experts who kicked off our 2023 fellowship included Andy Standish, founder, president, and board member with SF4C, and Brooke Batchelor, pediatric nurse and Australian author. Andy and Brooke presented a technique called the Magic Glove (Leora Kuttner, Ph.D.), a non-pharmacological pain management technique which is used to help decrease pain and fear for children undergoing needle-related procedures.

We’re excited to collaborate with Kythe Foundation again this year, following our successful fellowship with them in 2022. We’re grateful for this valued partnership and are excited to support Kythe Foundation in providing quality child life services to chronically ill Filipino children.

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