We transform children’s healthcare experiences.



Clifford was an 8-year-old patient who struggled with the life changing challenges of kidney disease including dialysis, hospitalizations, surgeries, procedures and injections. Clifford loved to paint, play games and take part in holiday activities while on dialysis and in the hospital. Clifford’s medical team provided pain management, psychosocial preparation and emotional support to help him cope with scary procedures. Clifford and his family were comforted by the child and family-centered care he received until his death on May 27, 2007.

Our founder, Andy Standish met many healthcare providers from around the world who wanted to offer their patients the same type of child and family friendly care Clifford received. So, Standish Foundation for Children was established in 2010.

We are small, but mighty

We want happy, healthy, resilient kids who haven’t been traumatized by healthcare experiences. When children experience healthcare in a positive way it contributes to their physical and emotional well-being. This helps build healthy communities with children and families reaching their full potential.

We work both locally and globally to serve where there is the greatest need. Our programs consist of education and training for providers,  sponsorships, in-kind donations, surgical missions and programs for hospital military programs.

We are volunteer led and live and work in 12 countries. In addition to patients and parents, our volunteers work in: nursing, psychology, medicine, child life, music, art and play therapies and academia. We are innovative, collaborative, loyal, transparent and good stewards of the resources entrusted to us.


More than half a million kids in 20 countries

The Standish Foundation is an all-volunteer, non-profit organization with multi-disciplinary global health volunteers in more than 20 countries. Our programs help more than 700,000 children each year.

High standards, low or no cost
We meet or exceed non-profit standards for best practices in governance, accountability and ethical practices. Our services are offered low/no charge to healthcare providers so that families have the best access possible.
175 providers, 4032 patients

Each year, we reach 175 providers, who in turn support more than 4,032 patients. We help both hospitals and providers transform the healthcare system into a friendlier place to create more positive experiences for individuals.

Support during natural disasters
We have provided more than 3,000 play kits for children who are forced to seek shelter during disasters. These horrible events can happen in any place at any time. We ensure that children get the help and comfort they need in every situation.
Our hospital network is global
We support 40 hospitals and clinics in the United States and abroad. Our reach doesn’t stop at borders because the healthcare experience doesn’t either.