We would like to extend our sympathy to the entire Copeland family, especially Kim, Maegan and Austin.

Sean and Brodie Copeland, the two Americans killed in the terrorist attack in Nice were from Lakeway, Texas where Standish Foundation for Child & Family Centered Healthcare is based.

It’s been said that kids who experience or have exposure to traumatic events will wonder:

  • Will I be OK?
  • Will you be OK?
  • Will those I know and love be OK?
  • Will my world be OK?

Our small community is mourning the tragic and shocking loss of Sean and Brodie. Ribbons of red and black, the colors of the Lakeway schools will be displayed in their honor. A candlelight prayer service is set for Sunday, July 17th. Our community Facebook pages are filled with offers of help, expressions of grief and prayers and support for the Copeland family.

It seems to me that it’s not only the kids who are wondering if they will be OK. As an adult, I worry about my welfare, my family, my friends and my world. My faith is tested. Yet as I witness the outpouring of support, it is faith that sustains me.

My comfort comes from the fact that there are many people who are concerned that those they know and even those they don’t know are OK. While I don’t know the Copelands, I’m a part of a community organizing to support them.

I will be Ok. My family and friends will be Ok. My world will be OK. It may not be the same, but it will be Ok precisely because we care enough to make it so. God Speed Sean and Brodie.

Andrea M. Standish
Standish Foundation for Child & Family Centered Healthcare