Sadly, most kids are terrified of needles. Fear of needle pain, and the associated stress and frustration, is a commonly reported problem. Our goal is to ensure that healthcare providers have the tools and training they need to enhance coping and minimize healthcare-related pain, fear and suffering in children.

Focusing on training and providing resources to healthcare professionals and organizations has proven to have the greatest impact for the greatest number of children. The result is hope, healing and happiness.

Standish Foundation for Children, with the help and support of its advisory council members, has developed extensive curriculum on the psychosocial care of children. The curriculum is customized for each organization and is delivered via classroom, clinical mentoring and/or through online virtual training and fellowship programs.

Learn more about our training programs below:

Tame the Pain & Fear™

Our “Tame the Pain & Fear™” was developed and designed to empower healthcare professionals with tools, techniques and skills to help minimize needle fear and pain for children. The training offers evidence-based solutions and techniques that are backed by research and years of clinical experience. The training offers a simple, systematic and comprehensive approach that layers multiple interventions. The training is virtual and self-paced.


“Great for pediatricians, very relevant”
Alex, Physician

“You will learn alot from this course/training. It is very applicable to my work as a physician. Extremely relevant“
Fatima, Physician

“I think that this education is very valuable and should be shared to all healthcare professionals. I believe the techniques provided are the best approach to working with children when doing a painful procedure.”
Danielle, Registered Nurse

“Definitely take this course. Understanding the fear and anxiety of children are the most overlooked. This course has given a new and refreshing look about the medical field. There are indeed people who care about the process and not just the outcome.”
Mehetabel, Physician

“This course is pretty amazing and useful for all. If you are working with hospitalized children, whether you are a Doctor, Nurse, Child Life Specialist or even a parent, this training is perfect for you.”
Shiena, Philippines

“I left their training feeling energized, inspired and equipped to provide this same service for the families I serve.”
Melanie H. CCLS, CTRS

“Everyone who works with children in the hospital setting should take this course!”
Amalia, Philippines

“[Tame the Pain & Fear™] will serve not only as the best reference but also as an example on how we can continuously find ways to help our patients better.”
Pediatric Healthcare Worker, Philippines

Virtual Trainings

Create an account on our learning platform to see our most recent virtual, self-paced courses/trainings and free downloadable resources. Please contact bobbijo@standishfoundation.org if you are interested in a customized training or a private space for your group or organization to learn together on our platform in any of our courses listed.

Consultation Services

We offer consultation, education, healthcare provider training and train-the-trainer programs. Programs are created in collaboration with healthcare managers and are customized to meet the unique needs of each site.

Program Development Support

Are you looking to enhance your services to best support the well-being of the child and family? We can help you develop a psychosocial care program (child life program) for your site. Our team of Child Life managers has decades of experience in the U.S. and worldwide in the development of evidence-based programming that enhances child- and family-centered healthcare delivery.
BOHO: Buy one, help one!
Purchase our services and we’ll donate a similar service to a low resource hospital or clinic in the U.S. or abroad.


We’re available for long-distance mentoring, collaboration and support.