Dina Nasser, BSN, MPH

Dina Nasser, BSN, MPH

Registered Nurse, Manager and Health Advisor
Juzoor for Health and Social Development (JUZOOR)
Augusta Victoria Hospital (AVH)
East Jerusalem, Palestine

Advocate. Humanitarian. Activist. Mother. Wife. Daughter. These are just a few of the roles that Dina Nasser embraces. Mrs. Nasser has spent her career advocating for children’s health and protection including physical and psychological abuse. She is passionate about educating healthcare practitioners so that healthcare is provided holistically and in a way that minimizes pain and trauma.

In her role at Juzoor, Mrs. Nasser works to improve access and knowledge of health and wellness for the local population. She also coordinated for the Child Health Diploma at Juzoor for Health and Social Development (JUZOOR). The diploma has now been developed into a full master’s program and is offered in cooperation with the Royal College of Pediatrics and Child Health in the United Kingdom. Having studied in the UK, this was a natural collaboration and partnership for Mrs. Nasser to build. The strength of this diploma is its holistic approach to pediatric healthcare, particularly the psychosocial aspects of care.

At Augusta Victoria Hospital in Jerusalem, Mrs. Nasser reports directly to the CEO advising, developing and implementing systems related to patient care and operations. Her areas of emphasis are infection control, quality control and psychosocial care.

Mrs. Nasser assisted the hospital staff with the exhaustive process to apply for and receive Joint Commission Accreditation; one of the few hospitals in the region to do so. Mrs. Nasser is currently working with the staff to implement child and family centered care initiatives in the pediatric oncology and pediatric day care dialysis wards. Augusta Victoria Hospital is the only center in the region providing comprehensive care for hematology, oncology, and dialysis for pediatric patients.

Mrs. Nasser honors her parents by embracing the family tradition to be a human rights activist. Consequently, her entire life’s work focuses on challenging the system that deprives the vulnerable families of their basic human rights. She is intent to share the narrative of those who are not free to do so. She advocates for rights and resources for the underserved and neglected families in her community and region.