Arash Babaoff, MD, Ctrop

Arash Babaoff, MD, Ctrop

Medical Advisor, Patient & Family Centered Care

Staff Attending Pediatrician, Cincinnati Children’s Hospital Medical Center Medical Director, Yanez Barragan Ecuador Project Pediatric Board and Quality Assurance Task Force, Operation Smile International USA, Ecuador, Global

Born to loving Iranian table tennis Olympians of different faiths in Lausanne, Switzerland, Dr. Babaoff was blessed with frenetic energy and a strong sense of adventure and independence. A profound love for all people, especially the most vulnerable, coupled with his lifelong passion for meeting people of many cultures and languages continue to inspire him.

The Babaoff family’s move to the USA and the birth of his sister, Atosa were pivotal events in his young life. Love, compassion, tolerance and diversity were abundant in his life and key in his pursuit of a Bachelor’s degree in history and psychology. His special connection to children and adolescents was evident by his closeness with his sister, devotion as a summer camp counselor and guidance as a high school history teacher upon college graduation.

Interested in helping and acutely aware of the suffering around him, Dr. Babaoff’s decision to apply for medical school was inspired by a college classmate’s cancer diagnosis. He not only enjoyed gaining the knowledge to heal patients, but also took time getting to know his patients, was nourished by the intimacy of the interactions, and learned to become a patient and compassionate physician.

Dr. Babaoff chose to pursue his residency and his career at the Cincinnati Children’s Hospital where he has worked in the Adolescent Medicine Division, Transport team and the Emergency Department since 1993.

Believing that medicine is an international language that should be practiced as such, Dr. Babaoff began his volunteer work abroad in 2001. Combining his lessons from childhood, his medical knowledge and his respect and devotion to people of diversity, he has made volunteering a way of life. In addition to the many medical missions, Dr. Babaoff is the co-founder of an NPO providing healthcare to the people in the Bolivar Province in Central Ecuador.

Joining Standish Foundation furthers his belief that once again, healthcare is an international language finding its voice.