We are always eager to share new methods of support to pediatric patients and families. Today, we will be introducing you to Chelsea Vail, the co-creator of Woombie Med Pods, a swaddle specifically designed for preemies and hospitalized infants.

How did the vision for Woombie Med Pods come about?

I advocated for Woombie use when I was a sleep coach and newborn care educator. I knew the innovation of the Woombie was untouchable! I also remembered from my time as a Child Life Specialist how powerful swaddling was for calming fussy babies, assisting with sleep and building muscle tone, but I knew so many hospitalized infants were left unswaddled due to treatment needs and cumbersome medical devices. I partnered with Karen Barski, creator of the original peanut shaped Woombie, to create Woombie Med Pods for hospitalized infants.

Can you tell us a little bit more about each Woombie Med Pod?

The Woombie Med Pod, our original design can be used in newborn nurseries, ER, trauma clinic, recovery units, or other populations that serve preemies, newborns, or infants up to 19lbs. It’s peanut shaped allows for room in shoulders and hips while still cocooning infant in a 4-way stretch fabric similar to the womb. The double zipper allows easy access to diaper area, ID bracelet, ankles or feet for blood draws or pulse oximeter. The fabric is thin enough that vital signs can be checked through the fabric without unswaddling the baby.

The Woombie Trach Pod features a deep V-neck to allow space for Trach/Vent or leaves sternum open for cardiac patients. It can be easily pulled aside to access a port or broviac as well.

The Woombie Gastro Pod features a midsection flap that snaps and unsnaps for access to colostomy bag, umbilical site, g-button, or post gastroschisis surgery.

The Woombie Bili Pod is our rockstar! It allows Bili babies to be swaddled during phototherapy treatment while still allowing full luminosity to reach skin.

All of our pods (except Bili) allow for arms in or out so babies can be prone, have playtime, self soothe or perhaps use hands for feeding.

Can they be used for single or multi use?

Pods are designed to be used either way. Single patient use assists in continuity of care. Patients can take pods home for safe sleep! But, they can be multi patient use because they’ve passed OSHA standards for hospital sanitation and can be washed and dried at high heat without any change to fabric color or shape.

Do you plan on creating a new version for a specific diagnosis population or medical treatment?

Yes, in fact we have many plans to continue designing empathy based products for hospitals, especially infants and mothers to support family centered care and bonding.

Can families use these at home?

Yes, Woombie’s are safe to use at home for sleep until babies can roll over and are great for calming fussy babies or assisting with naps.

Where can a family or hospital purchase them?

It’s best for hospitals to purchase them from our website, however we can send a purchase order and invoice if the hospital prefers. WoombieMedPods.com or 1-833-MED-PODS for orders.