“I’m really impressed with what Standish Foundation for Children is doing to strengthen psychosocial services in Georgia. This is a huge support for children and their families. Toys and other educational materials donated by Standish Foundation for Children are available to all patients who come to the hospital – the toys provide a developmentally appropriate environment for the kids.

Patients and their families also receive psychosocial care from psychologists who have received training and several skill-building opportunities from specialists at Standish Foundation for Children.

In addition, Standish Foundation for Children has given me the opportunity to develop as a psychosocial-care leader, which in turn gives me the opportunity to help new practitioners grow their professional skills to best serve children and families in our country.

One story I’d like to share is about 4-year-old Kato. When Kato first came to our hospital for heart surgery, she was scared and confused, so we gently explained to her what she had to do while she was here. Kato spent a lot of time in our playroom – she had the opportunity to study the environment and get acquainted with the medical equipment. Her favorite activity was the medical play. One doll donated by Standish Foundation became Kato’s best friend during her hospitalization. Kato and other children who typically enter the hospital frightened, now have the opportunity to explore their environment and play freely thanks to ongoing support from Standish Foundation for Children.” – Ana, Psychologist

To all of our current donors, thank you. These success stories for children, their families, and the healthcare professionals in the Republic of Georgia are made possible because of your generosity.

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