The holidays have something in common with hospital stays.

Hospitals are places of hope and healing. Hospitals are also places of pain and sorrow.

Most children don’t understand the juxtaposition of the two. It’s an abstract and unfathomable concept.

Standish Foundation for child & family Centered Healthcare works with our partner hospitals to build bridges from pain and sorrow to hope and healing.

We are so grateful to our donors, volunteers, partners and vendors. As we are reflect on 2015, we know that our donors allowed us to build many bridges and hundreds of children and families had better hospital experiences because of our efforts.

Thank you to our donors for trusting us with your valuable resources. We pledge to be good stewards to all you have entrusted us with. We look forward to 2016 with gratitude and hope.

We know the holidays can be a time of sadness and stress. Pain and sorrow may prevail if there are no bridges of peace and understanding to cross. Personally, I have witnessed the transformation of hospitalized children and their families when they step on the bridge and feel peace and hope.

Please except my deepest wishes for a season of hope filled with peace and healing for our families, our world and ourselves. May there be bridges on your journey or may you have the strength to be the bridge builder.

In Peace and Gratitude,