Thanks to your donations and the dedication and hard work of our volunteers, Standish Foundation for Children (SF4C) was able to transform healthcare experiences for nearly 208,300 children and families in 2022. Through your donations of time, money, toys, crafts, materials, and more, children and families had increasingly positive medical experiences as the knowledge of psychosocial care services and the importance of child- and family-centered care began to flourish in hospitals and clinics around the world. Join us in celebrating this incredible impact!

Here are three major ways that your donations equippedSF4C to transform healthcare experiences for children and families in 2022:

1. Your monetary donations provided SF4C volunteers with the resources needed to serve, train, and work alongside 345 healthcare professionals around the world. Our team provided virtual and in-person training, including our Tame the Pain & Fear online training program, our virtual Global Fellowship sessions, free comfort card downloads, volunteer support during surgical missions, program sponsorships and more.

2. Because of your donations of money, toys, and materials, SF4C provided play and education through our various programs to 75 hospitals and clinics – more than ever before. We were able to expand the reach of our training network into new facilities where healthcare professionals continue to learn and implement psychosocial care services for children. These services include preoperative and postoperative play with medical dolls, toys, and games that focus on reducing anxiety for children before their operations, and alleviating pain after their procedures.

3. Thanks to your consistent financial support, our team provided 585 hours of top-tier education for free to healthcare professionals around the world. Designed by SF4C to help minimize healthcare-related pain, fear, and suffering in children – and customized for each organization – this extensive curriculum was delivered via classroom, clinical mentoring and/or through online virtual training and fellowship programs.

In 2022, your generosity impacted children, families, and healthcare professionals locally, nationally, and around the world. We were able to expand our global reach and are quickly nearing our goal of 1 million children impacted by 2025. Thanks to your support, healthcare professionals and leaders around the world can now engage in cross-cultural learning and growth opportunities focused on child and family-centered care. Most importantly, more hospitalized children have been given the resources and care they need, regardless of geographic location.

Thank you for transforming healthcare experiences for children in 2022!