Global Family-Centered Care Fellowship Program for Providers

  • Family-Centered Care Fellows (FCCF) are psychosocial support providers who participate in educational exchange to enhance their knowledge, skills, and confidence in delivering child and family-centered healthcare. Case studies and topics chosen based on assessed needs and may include but are not limited to building staff rapport, self-confidence, empathy, ethics, language barriers, patient and self-advocacy, and more.
  • Training and mentoring are accomplished online individually and in small groups and also on site. Fellows may be child life specialists, psychologists, etc. Trainers are also available as needed for additional support when needs arise.
  • Program Managers are Kasey Reinhardt, CCLS, and BobbiJo Pansier, MPH, CCLS, CTRS. Currently, there are Fellows at 3 sites in Tbilisi, Georgia.

Global Psychosocial Care Development Fellowship for Leaders 

  • The Global Psychosocial Care Development Program provides one-on-one mentoring and guidance to maximize strategic performance and quality improvement. The program also focuses on capacity building through collaborative identification of barriers to implementing effective psychosocial/multidisciplinary healthcare globally.
  • Training and mentoring are done online individually and also on site.
  • The Program Manager is BobbiJo Pansier, MPH, CCLS, CTRS. The program is currently running in Tbilisi, Georgia in collaboration with Khatuna Dolidze, Ph.D., CCLS.

Here is the blog post that we did for the fellowship that may help you with the content.